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    Currently on firmware 1.20.2.r4, Pybytes 1.6.1. This is my first time trying Pybytes OTA on a WiPy 2.0.

    My first thought is this is because my device has only 512KB RAM, but LoPy and SiPy are supported and they only have that much. Just ordered some WiPy 3.0 yesterday and when they come I will try this again.

    I've emptied out the boot.py and main.py, this is a bare board. It connects to Pybytes and generates this error when I push 1.20.3.b3.

    >>> Requesting: manifest.json?current_ver=1.20.2.r4&sysname=WiPy&wmac=240ac400b1b6&ota_slot=0x1c0000 to software.pycom.io:443 with SSL? True
    Wrapping socket
    Error reading the manifest, aborting: [Errno -32512] MBEDTLS_ERR_SSL_ALLOC_FAILED

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    Ah, here is the reason. "WiPy2, SiPy, and LoPy1 and are not supported anymore since they only have 4MB flash." That was unexpected because the latest non-beta firmware works fine, but I knew this was coming some day.

    Also, "No OTA support from Pybytes yet"

    I tried with the updater and it says, "Your hardware is not supported by this firmware package"


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