[SOLVED] Add flash to WiPy2?

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    Is this possible? My WiPy2 won't flash to a beta firmware because 4MiB flash is not supported.

    Or if I use an SD card would I then be able to flash larger firmware?

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    Thanks all. Ordered some WiPy3 and I'm making do with a slightly older firmware (1.20.2.r4) until they arrive. The WiPy2 boots and connects to Pybytes but it often hits memory limits. I will disable everything including Pybytes in the meantime.

  • @Gijs said in Add flash to WiPy2?:

    remove the cans and replace the flash chip

    Not too complicated, but maybe not a real path, because it will also lack SPIRAM. And if the MCO is a rev0 model, the firmware will most likely not work.

  • Unfortunately I dont think its possible, without invasive procedures to remove the cans and replace the flash chip. The external flash is connected to an internal SPI bus which is not broken out to any pins

    Using an SD card will work with storing additional micropython programs, but not with the firmware as far as I know

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