Testing Receiving Windows in Chirpstack

  • Hi, thanks for the attention!!!

    I have a Lopy4 and I am trying to test the communications with different values of Rx Windows. I have a lora-server, chirpstack, and I change the values in the Network Server .toml file. I also restarted the server so the changes would apply.
    I tried the worst scenario, a SF12 with full data bytes communication from my end device with a downlink response, however the downlink was still received in the board.
    Basically I was trying to see how the messages parameters (SF and size data) affect the TonA by limiting the Rx time. Can somebody help me by saying me a method so I can test this???

  • @Gonçalo-Ferreira can you clarify exactly which settings you are changing, and what values you are setting them to?

    Not familiar with Chirpstack settings, but the usual RX window settings are just an offset from end of uplink to start of RX1, and then RX2 happens a second later. The duration of the windows is based on allowed data rates.

    When you change RX windows settings, the settings are sent to the device in the join accept IIRC, so changing those settings won’t affect the ability of devices using OTAA to receive downlinks.

    The ideal RX offset is the default, 1 second. Anything longer will require the device to stay on longer and draw more power.

    Not that the device doesn’t listen for the full max duration of a frame, but just enough to recognise a preamble or thereabouts. So even at SF12 it’s only a fraction of a second, not over a second.

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