LTE-M or NB-IoT in Spain

  • Hi all,

    Has anyone had success connecting a Pycom board to LTE-M/Nb-IoT in Spain? I've tried a GPy and a FiPy with two different SIMs (same provider), even after waiting for more than 30 minutes, the boards are unable to get a connection. It seems that they find several cells, but none of them are usable for CAT-M.

    I'm thinking of buying a new card, but I'd like to hear about other users' experiences first.

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  • Hi @SciWax , thanks for your help!

    When I started working on this project, I checked the map and saw that the only LTE-M provider was Orange. However, after contacting different providers they told me that the map was out of date and other companies (for example Telefonica) are now offering coverage too. In my particular case, I finally choose a global SIM provider who is working with Telefonica in Spain, but I'm unable to connect to a suitable cell.

    I'm running the tests in Vitoria-Gasteiz, a city in the north of Spain, so I should have good signal. Anyway, I couldn't get any official map from the provider to confirm that. After this experience, I wanted to know if any user have got a successful LTE-M connection in Spain and use the information to buy a new SIM card.


  • Hello, I've looked at that map and both should be available in Spain:

    The provider Orange should provide LTE-M for instance. Do the providers itself provide a map with the availability of the services in Spain? Maybe you live in a spot, where these services aren't available?

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