PyGate TTN v3 Community Edition

  • I am trying to connect my PyGate to The Things Stack community edition ( without luck.

    Downloaded the global_conf.json from the v3 console, followed the (as close as possible) and the pygate logs do not contain any errors.

    Unit works fine on the old ttn, but does not want to connect to the v3 stack. I see the v3 stack has removed the legacy forwarder, this is probably an issue. Do I need to set up the PyGate as a Basic Station and will a GPy be able to handle this with the memory limitations?

  • Looks like I got it working, just followed the guide on with a few modifications.

    • Create a gateway in the v3 console
    • Download the Global configuration from the gateway overview page in the console
    • Add the gateway_ID stuff to the bottom of the downloaded global_conf.json file
    • Change downloaded global_conf.json to config.json
    • Add a Gateway EUI in the console, I used the GPy´s mac address and added ff:fe in the middle to avoid using a semi random that might conflict with an other gateway later on.
    • Use the Gateway EUI (not the human readable Gateway ID from console) as the gateway_ID in the config.json
    • Reboot and it seems to be working

    Hope this makes sense

  • Hi,
    We're working on updating the documentation to the v3 thingsstack. I did not get around to working with it yet as its quite new. Sorry for the delay


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