modem firmware releases notes?

  • im trying to find the modem firmware releases notes but dont see any. The releases annoucement for 48829 just says "This new firmware release is much more stable than previous CAT-M1 releases" but what are the actual changes? I dont want to blindly update my modems. im currently on v41065, is 48829 the next step up or are there other releases in between? the new pycom chips have 50523 but i see no releases notes for those either

  • @Gijs the modem manufacturer gives pycom no notes on what they are giving to you? that seems weird. I assumed the stability notes are what the manufacturer told Pycom but thats not even the case - you are saying you have no clue what the changes are but through manual testing yourselves? How is this okay?

  • @Gijs I hope that means upcoming products (Pygo, F01...) don't use the same modems. If the chip manufacturer can't provide decent docs that puts you in a very awkward position...

  • Hi,
    Unfortunately we dont have access to any release notes of the LTE modem firmwares either. From testing, we're able to discern the stability and connectivity etc.

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