LTE + WLAN... and MicroWebSrv2 = hang?

  • Hi there!

    We have a use case where we need the LTE and WLAN connections to be active at the same time. The WLAN interface needs to be in STA/station mode to host a web interface, and that web interface to be able to issue LTE commands. Here, you say that it is possible:
    I started writing a server for this using microWebSrv2, but I assume that this is too memory-heavy on the device or something, as it hangs on the line

    lte = LTE()

    (after starting the managed server)

    Is it something that prevents LTE and WLAN in station mode to be run simultaneously, or is it simply that the device is out of memory?

  • Does it always stop working at that line?
    Did you try without WLAN, or changing the order to see if it works?

    Could you try lte = LTE(debug=True) to see additional debug information?
    And lastly, you could check the free memory using this function:

    def memory():
        print("GC free=", gc.mem_free(), "alloc=", gc.mem_alloc(), "total=", gc.mem_alloc() + gc.mem_free())
        # micropython.mem_info()
        print("mp stack", micropython.stack_use())
        print("heap internal", pycom.get_free_heap()[0])
        print("heap external", pycom.get_free_heap()[1])

    With the appropriate imports

    Let me know!

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