Sipy BLE sniffing

  • Hi,

    Is three a way to quickly filter for known BLE devices? e.g. MAC ID etc?

    My current codes scans and found many BLE edevices (few thousands) and I only need 1 to 2 devices.
    My BLE devices are advertising every 1 min.
    Also, sometimes the BLE sniffer is not able to find my devices, maybe 2 out of 3 times can fine my devices?


  • @Calvin-Foo advertising every minute is quite uncommon for a BLE device. It usually ranges from about every 10 ms to a few seconds.

    Most BLE devices are not constantly scanning, they scan only during the scan window, every scan interval. Also, they scan on the 3 advertising bands in a cycle. Coupled with the risk of collision or interference, this means it’s unlikely any BLE device will ever hear all advertisements from another one.

    For this reason, its probably better if you reduce the advertising interval if you want to get advertisements relatively quickly.

    As for filtering I don’t think there’s any support for low level filtering in the Pycom firmware, it’s up to you to filter the list of advertisements received using any criteria you want.

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