CE Certification

  • As probably most users, we use the FiPy module as the core of a larger system. It is placed on a carrier board that contains the necessary power regulation, serial port interfacing and the connectors for external sensors. Much like the standard expansion boards like the PySense or PyTrack.
    As we are now getting the the phase where want to apply the CE mark to our products Iwonder if anyone has experience with this ?
    I also assume the PySense/PyTrack / PyGate are CE certified and so I wondered if it is possible for Pycom to share their process of certification ?

  • @Gijs OK> Just did that. Let's see if they can pick it up this time..;-)

  • Not sure what happened there, could you re-send the email? I'll have my colleague watch out for it again :)

  • @Gijs I have posted this question to your sales dept., but have received no response whatsoever. So maybe can contact them and ask / tell them what you have in mind for this ?

  • We indeed have some experience with certifications (CE, but also FCC). If you wish for extended guidance during the certification process you can contact sales(@)pycom.io for more information

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