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  • Dear Pycom-community,

    I want to use the FTP functionality of the WiPy together with an Expansionboard to use an external sd card. I want to send data to the WiPy every 4 seconds through my Arduino so the WiPy saves the data to its own SD-Card, which I want to access via FTP.

    I have 2 questions:

    1. Can I download a File from the FTP-server, while new data gets written to it?

    2. How stable is the WiPy, if I only want to use it for receiving datastrings on the serial, saving them to a sd card and downloading the file from the sd card via FTP?

    I really need stability, otherwise I have to use my Arduino for resetting the WiPy too and check on it all the time, which I probably have to do anyways. It is just a bummer, because I will definitely loose some of the 4 second measurements this way, when the WiPy crashes. I also though about using an ESP8266 for my problem. I know that the ESP32 has stability issues, but I'm not sure about the ESP8266 (Wemos D1 Mini, Nodemcu for instance).

    Kind regards

  • Thank you, Gijs. That was actually my idea too. Creating a new file every day (perhaps) for instance, so the file, which gets written to at the moment won't get touched. I also thought, that this mostlikely will cause issues. Thank you for the additional information about filesize too!

    Thanks for the help!

    Kind regards,


  • This application should work perfectly fine. Just watch out for the filesize over FTP, as that can cause some issues for exceptionally large files. Next to that, I would not start messing with the files you're writing to in micropython, (especially as you're writing data every 4 seconds, and it might be hard to extract a file within 4 seconds without it being written to) but perhaps you can make a separate file for each hour or so? Then you'll be able to extract the data files per hour and be sure your micropython script is done with it.

    I know that the ESP32 has stability issues

    Not sure what you're talking about here though..

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