Problems getting GPS data

  • Hiya, I'm struggling to get GPS fixes from the PyTrack 2.0.X with the built-in antenna. I know, eventually, I see date and time stuff showing, but even these can take 30-40 mins, even outdoors. Sometimes I will get a GPS fix in a minute, but often it just fails entirely. My co-workers with the (apparently) same hardware, are not having these issues.

    I'm using it with the FiPy (with a firmware update), but I haven't updated the expansion board firmware. My co-workers are getting frustrated with me because I keep telling them their code doesn't work for me.

    Am I missing something?

  • @Stuart-Watt it may be interesting to compare board, chip and firmware versions, serial numbers and anything related. There may be a bad batch of hardware or just firmware discrepancies which could explain the differing results.

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