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  • I'm down loading a compressed file into a variable hexstr on my gpy which I then write to flash as so I can extract it with

    with open('', 'r') as f: byts=uzlib.DecompIO(f, 31); f=open('', 'w'); f.write(

    then put it back into flash as But it feels clumsy. Surely there is a way I can extract it from hexstr directly without having to save it to first? I tried stuff like zlib.DecompIO(hexstr, 31) and zlib.DecompIO(, 31) but wild stabs in the dark never work. I think I need a StringIO or something in there to change the string into an object the extractor can use?

  • Hi,
    You can indeed achieve this without saving it as an intermediate file using io.BytesIO.
    Here's how you can do it:

    import uzlib # Assuming you have the uzlib library for MicroPython

    # Assuming 'hexstr' contains your compressed data
    # You may need to convert 'hexstr' to bytes if it's currently a string
    # Create a BytesIO object to work with in-memory data
    from io import BytesIO
    hexstr_bytes = bytes.fromhex(hexstr)  # Convert 'hexstr' to bytes
    hexstr_io = BytesIO(hexstr_bytes)
    # Decompress the data
    decompressed_bytes = uzlib.decomp(hexstr_io, 31)
    # Now, you can write the decompressed data to '' in the flash
    with open('', 'wb') as f:

    In this code, you can use BytesIO to create an in-memory buffer and then decompress the data from hexstr directly into that buffer. After decompression, you can write the decompressed data to '' without the need for an intermediate '' file. Resource-


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