Pytrack2 wakeup from acceleration interrupt

  • Hi,
    I use Pytrack2 (v16) and a Lopy module (1.20.2.r4) & pycoproc2.
    I customized the LIS2HH12 module to only generate an interrupt when the X axis goes over a certain threshold for a certain time. This works well when the Lopy is powered on.
    The next thing I want to do is to power down the module via

    pycoproc.go_to_sleep(pycom_module_off=True, accelerometer_off=False, wake_interrupt=True)

    And let the interrupt from the LISHH12 wakeup the module.
    The suggestions from here are not good enough.

    pycoproc.go_to_sleep(pycom_module_off=False, accelerometer_off=False, wake_interrupt=True)
    machine.deepsleep(sleep_time_s * 1000)

    I need full power down.
    So my question is is there a piece of the schematic available where I can see how the interrupt of the LIS2HH12 is connected to the PIC ?
    Is there example code available to program the PIC this way ?


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