Can I make a small wifi network with a Pycom

  • this requires a bit of context. so sometimes, my dad will cut my wifi access when he wants me to do something that i dont want to do. he willl try to force me off my laptop when im right in the middle of something like watching youtube or while i am coding.he will eventually give up but he will still have the internet down for everyone on the house.

    this is where my question comes in.

    so i happen to posess 2 pycom boards (not sure of moddel but they both have wifi antenas) and a few components like breadboards, LEDs, Buttons, etc, etc and i was thinking maybe i could plug a LAN cable into one of the pycoms to create a special little wifi network that my trigger happy dad does not have control of so i can still ask alexa my questions and youtube still works.

    is this posible and if it is, can someone please help or guide me to an answer and finally have uninteruted access to the internet.

    thank you

  • thanks for the advice

  • Your question made me LOL. I don't think that this is feasible with the Pycom devices, due to lack of ethernet connectivity on most of them and a lack of capability on the odd device that does have ethernet connectivity.

    It would probably be feasible, and fairly easy, with a couple of Raspberry PIs though.

    That said, I agree with the other guy. It would probably be better to keep your dad happy and to not get all sneaky behind his back ;)

  • @noah-albrock
    You will be surprised by the answer ;-)
    Probably you should first understand why your dad do this and follow his advice.

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