WiPy 2 power/current draw

  • I haven't been able to find power requirements for WiPy 2 other than "a fraction compared to other connected micro controllers"

    SiPy says:

    • Wi-Fi: 12mA in ac ve mode, 5uA in standby

    Assuming that's the total SiPy current draw, does that apply to WiPy2?
    What's the power in operational mode/s without WiFi - presumably more than 5uA
    Do we know how long does it take to start and stop WiFi?

  • Hi @jonirons,

    Thanks for the question. The power figures for the WiPy2 and SiPy are similar, but the exact figures for it still have to be tested. The start and stop time of WiFi is also not exactly known, but it will be measured in milliseconds. Once they are available, we'll update the documentation.

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