Client socket not working with wifi, but works fine with LTE?

  • Hi all,

    I have a project where i am sending data from a pycom using sockets to a listening windows server. So my code works as follows. Pycom will initialize LTE OR wifi, depending whats selected, set NTP time from NTP server, then take a "reading", and then transfer that reading to the server.

    When using LTE the pycom successfully syncs the ntp time and sends the data to the server, but when i use Wifi, the pycom successfully syncs the ntp time, but cannot reach the server. Am I missing a step because i am using wifi? I'm time syncing to just fine.

  • I just figured it out, it was actually my firewall on the wifi network that I was using to test. THanks

  • @Bryan-Hom Can you share the relevant code? Do you have Pybytes enabled? What protocol are you using (UDP, TCP, HTTP, TLS, HTTPS...)? Is the server reachable from other devices on the same Wi-Fi network? Can you ping the device?

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