SecureBoot and Encryption - Firmware OTA help

  • I'm stuck trying to update the firmware on a board which I have running with SecureBoot and Encryption. I'm trying to make sense of the OTA instructions at the bottom of the docs page (, but I don't see the bin.enc_0x10000 or bin.enc_0x1A0000 files in the build release and pycom.ota_slot() returns a value different to either 0x10000 and 0x1A0000.

    How can I update the firmware OTA with a SecureBoot and Encrypted set up? Is this possible?

  • Solved the problem. Boot partitions with the new firmware are different 0x10000 and 0x210000 and the bin.enc files produced are bin.enc and bin.enc_0x210000. Would be good if the docs page could be updated.

    Also for OTA (Device) ( Method B works for unencrypted flash images with the file name appimage.bin. Would it be useful to update this FTP method to look for two image files names appimage.enc.bin and appimage.enc_0x210000 with the assumption that when these files are found in /flash/sys the board is running with secureBoot and Encryption enabled and updates the firmware accordingly?

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