Other files than Python files in Secure Firmware Build - is it possible?

  • Hi!

    I know this might be a bit of a silly question since PyCom states in the documentation that this isn't possible, but no other context nor workarounds are given:

    It is only possible to include python files in the frozen section. Other filetypes (like .json or .cert) will not be added in the final binaries

    (from the documentation)

    But then, my questions are:

    1. Is it possible to include files of any other type anywhere in the firmware build at all?

    2. I'm thinking about getting around this using UART after the device firmware built has been completed. Does anyone have any experiences or tips to share?

  • @Gijs Thanks for the input, that sounds like an idea that can work.

  • I believe what you could do, is put the data you want to end up in the .json or .cert file in a .py file, and 'self extract' into the designated fileformats as a workaround (depending on the filesize). Do note that the python file has to compile, meaning you cannot just put the json formatted data in there, and rename the file afterwards.

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