is ethernet connectivity possible with TLS in wipy 3 + Ethernet

  • Hi,

    is it possible to communicate to AWS/Azure using Ethernet with Wipy3. I am looking for TLS over ethernet connectivity. Is it possible?


  • @NaveenKumarB The WiPy 3 is based on the ESP32 which has a built-in Ethernet MAC, so you could add an external Ethernet PHY. This uses the pins labeled 'EMAC' on the pinout (a total of 14 pins). Of course this could be a problem if you need any of those pins for other purposes. Not sure if there's any support for that in the firmware, though.

    An alternative is to use a fully external Ethernet interface (MAC+PHY), connected to the WiPy via SPI for instance, like the W5500 which is quite common in this scenario. Again, there's then the issue of firmware support.

    In the pure Pycom world, the Pygate has an optional Ethernet (with PoE) module (PyEthernet). I believe it uses the second option (external Ethernet chip), though it lacks details, but that means there is support for it in the Pygate version of the firmware, so it should be possible to build a non-Pygate version of the firmware with Ethernet support.

    There are quite a few boards out there with an ESP32 and Ethernet (some of them with PoE), depending on your actual use case it may be easier trying to use one of those.

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