GPY + PYTRACK2 + VSC can't connect for normal use

  • Hello all,
    I have been trying to get Pytrack2 + GPY + VSC to work together for 3 days without success!
    I have updated all the components many times, trying after each change.

    Here is the necessary information for each component:
    VSC = version 1.58.2 (windows64)
    Pymakr = version 1.1.12
    Pytrack2 = (DFU -> OK)
    GPY = version Vers 1.20.2 r4 [pybytes]
    Expansion board 3.1 = (DFU -> OK)

    When I associate an "expansion board (3.1)" with the GPY I can communicate with it without problems!
    But when I associate the GPY with the Pytrack2 impossible to enter a command, on the other hand the programming of the GPY sends the information of the program to VSC, but no way to stop it, nor to upload the files!

    Another difference, with the GPY -> Expansion board association, the RTC is updated while with the GPY -> Pytrack2 association this is not the case (as if the wifi did not work!)
    Does anyone know the cause of these problems?
    Any suggestion is welcome.

    Good day

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