Measurement Power LoPy

  • Hello,

    Today I test the current of the LoPy board with a Power supply on the Battery Input.
    The Measured values are without USB Power Supply!!!!

    I Have create the next python Files:

    from machine import UART
    import os
    uart = UART(0, 115200)

    import time

    while (True):

    The Current @t 3.8V = ~115mA

    Above current the Wlan is Active.

    So I deInit() the Wlan in the console with the next Lines:

    from network import WLAN
    wlan = WLAN()

    The Current now is 108mA @t 3.8V without USB connectie (power supply)

    Used the ESP32 processor so much power? How Can I decrease the power?
    Esp32 Clock frequency lower?, deep sleep mode? Is this available at this moment?

    Or are there any other peripherals that I can turn of?

  • @jmarcelino Great - thanks!

  • @alg

    you can now disable WiFi by calling

    wlan = WLAN()

  • Hi,
    I realise this is an old topic, but do you know if this is still the case?

    I have an application using LoRa every 5mins, but accumulating data every 15s, so can't deep sleep.

    Is there a way to light sleep yet, or to disable the WLAN without losing reliability?

  • The only optimisation at the moment is enabling WLAN Power Saving in STA mode (basically the WiFi radio only 'wakes up' at the beacon interval set by your gateway) so you'll see current go down to about 50mA and then 100+ mA at the wake intervals.

    This is done by re-initilizating WLAN with power_save=True option. However it's not perfect yet, it may caused network timeouts for some people so it became disabled again by default.

    Currently calling .deinit() on WiFi and Bluetooth doesn't turn off the peripheral so there's no power savings, just deallocates it. I think this will be changing soon-ish.

    Other optimisations and sleep modes are still on the way, deep sleep is being mentioned as being the next one to come.

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