Pymakr Online having issues?

  • Hi I have had issues connecting my device to pymakr online and project releases are also not working for me

    Was using the services a week or two ago working fine now it wont sync with device

    Also tried with a fresh device added to pybytes successful. connects to cloud correctly via wifi and still pymakr online / releases do not connect.

    Device is running the latest firmware on wifi, tried using my local wifi, hotspot from two phones, LTE-m on my GPY and 3 different computers. No success

    IS there issues with pymakr atm?

    I am needing to push updates to 10 devices in the field and cannot due to not being able to connect were before I could..........

  • @Ryan-Keeffe Please turn on debug like this:

    import pycom; pycom.nvs_set('pybytes_debug', 99)

    then reset and try again and paste the output. Please check and remove passwords before posting

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