Use AES engine outside of uSSL

  • I'm looking for a way to use the AES engine directly to encrypt my own data.
    I know it's probably in use within the SSL library and maybe also for LoRa, but I have not yet found in what way I can use it for my own purposes.

  • Hello,

    Yes the AES functionality is going to be available, with an API similar to this one:

    SSL/TLS is also coming soon.

  • As of 0.9.0.b2, the LoPy doesn't seem to even have the SSL module (I expect it will come). Additionally, the AES accelerator doesn't seem to be accessible (I tried using the uctypes module), possibly it's restricted to the protocol CPU, not matching the documentation, or even absent. I certainly would appreciate if they were made available, ideally in a manner compatible with the cryptography package. Not exactly top priority though.

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