Connect two LoPy4's together, is it possible?

  • Hello, new to pycom devices and have just ordered two LoPy4 devices.

    From what I read, it is possible to make one of them a gateway and let the other connect to it?

    I have an application where I need to send ADC data from the end LoPy4 device back to the gateway device (other LoPy4, both are the development boards).

    Wondering if this would be the best approach given the devices that pycom sells.


  • @Ryan-Finn Your questions is missing some detail. Do you want point-to-point communication or do you want to communicate to the cloud? What distance are you trying to bridge?

    For point-to-point you certainly can use LoRa between the 2 LoPy modules. Or you can communicate from a LoPy to the cloud via LoRaWAN - if you already have a gateway in your area you wouldn't need the 2nd module for that.

    Or are you considering the second LoPy as gateway via WiFi/Bluetooth?

  • @Ryan-Finn I use one LoPy4 as a GPS tracker, sending encrypted/authenticated position data over raw LoRa to a pair of gateway devices that forward the position data to my local MQTT server.
    This seems similar to your use case, so yours certainly sounds feasible.

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