Problems with the "config memory"

  • Hi all!
    Obviously I have some L01 boards, sitting on a custom board, were the config memory is not working as expected. After I updated the boards with the Pycom FirmwareUpdater to FW 1.20.2.r4, I recognized, that the heartbeat is not working. After I set pycom.heartbeat_on_boot() to True, it works fine. Even after a reboot. Same thing is with all other presets for WiFi etc. When I start the FirmwareUpdater again, it tells me "Installed Firmware: None". When I write the Firmware again, even without clearing the config and NVS memory, all settings are gone. Apart from the problem with the config memory, the board seem to work fine.
    I remember of something with pin levels at startup, but I don't remember exactly.


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