LoPy4 pybytes firmware 1.20.2.r6 pycom-fwtool not loading from web. Local file ok.

  • As title, pycom-fwtool update of LoPy4 was working fine for me with firmware 1.20.2.r4 with Exp board 3.1 or Pysense 2.0 or Pygate.

    But as of 2 days ago the same pycom-fwtool (1.16.5) has been failing to install the latest (1.20.2.r6) LoPy4 firmware (pybytes, pygate).

    However, downloading the 1.20.2.r6 firmware file (from the pycom 'firmware downgrade' page) and then using pycom-fwtool to do a 'local file' install works ok.

    This issue occurs on multiple laptops and workstations and home and work that previously were ok (all Ubuntu 20.04).

    Incidentally the Pycom linux pycom-fwtool .deb download link has strangely reverted to 1.16.2, which then gives a 'not the latest' error on startup and refuses to run. You can download the correct 1.16.5 version by editting the URL of the 1.16.2 download.

  • @Ian-Lewis as of c. Nov 8th 2021, this issue has been fixed by Pycom. I.e. pycom-fwtool will successfully install the current version of lopy4 firmware (pygate, pybytes) 1.20.2.r6.

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