never start

  • Hi,
    I'm newbie with lopy and pymakr

    According to this tutorial I create file, copy-past sample code, press "Run selected file" and everything works fine - RGB LED start blinking

    Next I try to upload project to module, for the program to start automatically after connecting the power. So, I press 'upload project to device', then terminal shows information that upload finished successfully. If I press 'download from device' I can get this files, but LED not blinking. Pressing reset, disconnecting and connecting the cable, plug to another USB port - does not change anything, the program does not start automatically

    What am i doing wrong? Please help

  • @Mateusz-F I'm using Atom and Pymakr and usually it tells you in the REPL console if there's anything wrong with your code. Is that not the case for you?

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