OSError: Couldn't start connection to Modem (modem_state=disconnected) error

  • Hi,

    After only a few weeks of operation my GPys tend to get stuck in a mode where they refuese to connect via LTE. Connecting it to a computer, I get the error message

    OSError: Couldn't start connection to Modem (modem_state=disconnected)
    WARN: An exception was caught by boot.py: Couldn't start connection to Modem (modem_state=disconnected). Connect the device to a computer for more debugging information.

    Possibly this could be resolved with power cycling the device, but that is not what deploying IoT-devices is all about. I had two occasions in a week. One was ok to power cycle, the other one we had to reformat.

    Our general function is to connect to LTE, upload data, disconnect from LTE and set the GPy in deepsleep. We do have a watchdog that kicks in if the device stalls or does not connect to LTE. As we are in the process of deploying large volumes, we really need a fix, hope you can assist with ideas.

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