Ports and url needed to unblock for enterprise wlan

  • Good afternoon everyone,

    I'm using 50 wipy 3.0 for some fridge and temperature controlled rooms remote monitoring. I'm using Azure (IoT hub) but since I like Pybytes so much, all the devices are sending data to pybytes and pybytes is forwarding to Azure IoT hub. That works very well.

    The thing is I'm having issues identifying Pybytes used ports and url for remote fw update, for Pymkr with the company wlan and even for sending data to Pybytes. When I share internet with my cellphone its perfect, but with company wlan many problems. Doing a network check I found witch URL the devices where trying to send data (I unlocked that url and thedevices are sending data) sometimes that url changes and all devices go offline until new url unlocked. However pymaker cannot save or upload files, or fw updates (with my cellphone its ok)

    So, what ports and URL or ip(better) should I unlock within the company network?

    Best regards

    Thanks in advance


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