GPY are Arduino data gate way?

  • Any thoughts on using the a GPY as an M1/BT/WiFi gate to transfer files (not real time) to the cloud?

    I know very little about python so I would need to start this from scratch.



  • I don't use the GPy for sending whole files, but basically as a device to send data in real time every few minutes. I have an Arduino connected to a GPy via serial. The Arduino sends data strings to the GPy. The GPy sends the data to my database at the end.

    I have to tell you though, that sending data via LTE-M didn't work reliably for me till I took some certain measures.

    Problem 1:
    The GPy consistently stopped working for me after a short while (every few days), because of Guru Meditation Errors, where the GPy often completely froze. It just couldn't recover by itself. That's why I've used my Arduino also as an external Watchdog, resetting the GPy with the Arduino. These Guru Meditation Errors seem to come up pretty often while using it to transmit data (LTE-M).

    Problem 2:
    Sometimes the GPy also thinks it has a data connection, while it is not the case. Using the Reset pin on the GPy doesn't help in this case. That's why I also had to implement a P-Channel Mosfet, which cuts the power off from the GPy. This power cycle helps with the problem in my experience.

    The features of Pycom hardware are wonderful, if you are interested in getting your data onto a server, but you have to take some measures to make it work reliably.

    I wish you good luck with your project!

  • Python is great because you have a "natural" socket connection using a serial communication interface. Python extracts a lot of the headache from it. But.....pycom seems to not want to support their product. On the Gpy section at least. They don't respond to people's constant problems with the LTE modem not performing correctly...even using their example code!

    I think if this becomes a more mature product, then this would be perfect! Hope it gets that way!

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