Can't use Bluetooth.BLE_Mesh on Wipy 3 board. Why?

  • Hi!

    I have some Wipy 3 boards that I want to create a Bluetooth mesh with by using Pymesh BLE. I have started off by following the sensor example in this link.

    Here is my code for creating a Pymesh BLE server:

    from network import Bluetooth
    from hardware.rgb_led import RGBLed
    import time
    from machine import Timer
    class BluetoothMeshServer:
        bluetooth = None
        model_server = None
        ble_mesh = None
        def __init__(self):
        def start(self):
            BLE_Mesh = Bluetooth.BLE_Mesh
            # BLE Mesh module
            # self.ble_mesh = Bluetooth.BLE_Mesh.init(name="PYCOM-ESP-BLE-MESH", *, auth=0, callback=None)
            self.ble_mesh = Bluetooth.BLE_Mesh.init(name="xxx", auth=0, callback=None)
            # Need to turn ON Bluetooth before using BLE Mesh
            self.bluetooth = Bluetooth()
            # Create a Primary Element with GATT Proxy feature and add a Server model to the Element
            element = self.ble_mesh.create_element(primary=True, feature=self.ble_mesh.GATT_PROXY)
            self.model_server = element.add_model(self.ble_mesh.SENSOR, self.ble_mesh.SERVER, sen_min = 0, sen_max = 59, sen_res = 1)
            # Initialize self.ble_mesh
            self.ble_mesh.init("Pycom Sensor Server", callback=self.prov_callback)
            # Turn on Provisioning Advertisement
            # Sensor takes measurement every 1 second
            Timer.Alarm(self.read_sensor, 1, periodic=True)
            # Sensor send status every 5 seconds
            Timer.Alarm(self.status_sensor, 5, periodic=True)
        def read_sensor(self, alarm):
            # In this example sensor reads local seconds
                print("SENSOR | State: ", self.model_server.get_state())
        def status_sensor(self, alarm):
            if (device_provisioned):
        def prov_callback(self, event, oob_pass):
            global device_provisioned
            if(event == self.ble_mesh.PROV_REGISTER_EVT or event == self.ble_mesh.PROV_RESET_EVT):
                # Yellow if not Provision yet or Reset
                device_provisioned = False
            if(event == self.ble_mesh.PROV_COMPLETE_EVT):
                # Green if Provisioned
                device_provisioned = True

    The trouble I'm having is that the line:

            BLE_Mesh = Bluetooth.BLE_Mesh

    throws an exception in the terminal. Here is the error output from the terminal:

    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "", line 11, in <module>
      File "lib/", line 16, in start
    AttributeError: type object 'Bluetooth' has no attribute 'BLE_Mesh'
    Pycom MicroPython 1.20.2.r6 [v1.11-c5a0a97] on 2021-10-28; WiPy with ESP32
    Pybytes Version: 1.7.1
    Type "help()" for more information.

    As you can see, the error says "AttributeError: type object 'Bluetooth' has no attribute 'BLE_Mesh'". Why? How do I use BLE_Mesh with Wipy 3 boards to create a Bluetooth mesh?


  • @Tobias-Eliasson I believe you need to enable Pymesh via Pybytes (and accept the associated license) before you can use it. See for info.

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