Pytrack2, Expansion board 3.1 failed to upgrade firmware

  • Hello, for more than 2 days I have been trying to get Pytrack2 and Wipy3 working.
    Indeed last week everything was ok (data transmission with wifi).
    I had to change the Wipy3 by a Gpy in order to test the Lte transmission. So I first wanted to test the Lte transmission using a V 3.1 extension board and the Gpy. So I started by checking that the expansion board was up to date at the firmware level and the problems started.
    By following the procedure (although already used many times in the past) I found it impossible to do this update! After 7 seconds the board returns to "Normal mode" in the device table during the "Zadig" procedure.
    In order to "control" the process, I decided to test the procedure on the Pytrack2 and the same phenomenon occurs and since the couple Pytrack2 + Wipy refuses to work (the COM connection in VSC does not work anymore!)
    What should I do to restore normal operation?
    I hope for an answer from the staff of Pycom, because given the number of questions where there are no answers on the forum, I wonder about the follow-up of this one.



    Best regards, Jiemde

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