New to LoPy4 developpement, having a lot of issues with Pymakr uploading

  • Hi,

    I have a LoPy4 with Extension Board 3.1. I registered it on Pybytes to set wifi connection. It works.
    My goal is to make it communicate with Bluetooth Low Energy with my Android phone. I'm a complete begginer in Lopy4 developpement.

    My IDE of choice is VScode. I've setup the Pymakr extension, I have the bar at the bottom to upload / download / run code. I was able to send some test codes to it (hello world, make led blinking...) as well as updating its firmware. Now I'm trying to send some BLE related code to test it. The code I'm trying to send :

    import ubinascii
    import time
    from network import Bluetooth
    bt = Bluetooth()
    bt.init([id=0, mode=Bluetooth.BLE, antenna=Bluetooth.INT_ANT, modem_sleep=False, pin=None, privacy=False, secure_connections=False, mtu=200])

    But I can no longer upload anything to the Lopy. I constantly have this error :

    AutoConnect enabled, ignoring 'address' setting (see Global Settings)
    Searching for PyCom boards on serial...
    Connecting to COM5...

    I tried changing the COM port, the USB port, rebooting lopy + PC, I also tried on another PC, I tried setting the lopy to safe boot mode.... No way to upload anything now. My Lopy seems completely blocked. Am I doing something wrong ?

    Also, I would have another side question. I would like to have auto-completion / suggestions / intellisense on VScode so that when I type for example Bluetooth(). , it suggests all the methods associated with Bluetooth. I didn't find any way to do that. Is it possible ?

    Thanks in advance for any answer,
    Have a great day.

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