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  • Hello all,

    I got kind of all excited when I found pycom. I ordered a bunch of stuff both from my distributors and directly from the pycom shop so I know there is some life back there somewhere but I’ve had no success reaching a human being. Anyone have any suggestions? Anyone have any ideas what gives?

    I emailed the address listed on the product page at least a month ago about the F01 H7 module and got no response.

    I started a thread a couple weeks ago in this same forum looking for information about the Pynode+ devices and haven’t gotten a single response.

    My excitement has turned to bemused befuddlement. I’m completely stalled, not getting the information I need to go through with product selection and design.

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    Hi Michael,

    Sorry that you've had trouble getting through. If you have queries you can email
    or ask here.

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