Have an higher baudrate than 115200 with the updater and serial link

  • Hi, my question i about updater.py

    Whereas it is possible to use a baudrate = 921600 with the USB link, when the FiPy is on a
    the Expansion Board, only 115200 bauds is possible when setting the bootmode manually, and communicating with the RX/TX serial pins.
    It takes a significant amount of time at that slow speed.
    What is the reason behind that ? What does the expansion board do, additionally to my wiring ?
    Is there a way to have an higher baudrate ?

    Thanks !

  • Hello again Thierry,

    To be more precise, the baud rate value is adjustable.
    There are two ways to perform that:

    a) You may rebuild the firmware by changing the _boot.py in the frozen base. Please check [HERE](https://github.com/pycom/pycom-micropython-sigfox/blob/Dev/esp32/frozen/Base/_boot.py
    b) You may load your own boot.py into your device which will overwrite the current one and will end up working at 921600 baud rate.

    I hope this helps.

  • Hello Thierry,

    By default, the baud rate is 921600 to upload the firmware over UART. The expansion board flashes the firmware at that speed. REPL's baudrate is 115200 by default and is required another setting in make menuconfig which is CONSOLE_UART config. You can change it to another pin and give it a try.

    The expansion board has a battery charger feature. You can use normal usb bridge by connecting to rx/tx pins.

    Please share the results in here after having tried.

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