Pycom repl showing question mark when the BLE code is burnt in it.

  • Hey Folks,
    I have been working on Pycom since very long and have written a piece of code for the BLE to work with nordic BLE app. The whole system was working but all of a sudden every time I try to run the same piece of code the whole repl is filled with question marks (attached image). I tried even uploading the default example, the only thing I have found at this point is that the same piece of code works when lopy is on its expansion card but, doesn't works when on top of the PCB I have designed. The same piece of code was working on my PCB before. Any one seens anything like this ?

    Kind Regard
    Subham Joshi


  • Hello Jcaron,

    I don't think that anything in terms of extra hardware added should have any effect on the UART speed. I have seen this the first time and this comes on irrespective of the firmware revision which makes me wonder. If no one has ever faced this problem then it has to be something on my HW design.

    Kind Regards
    Subham Joshi

  • @subham-Joshi is there anything which might have changed the speed of the UART?

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