File from internal FTP can't be downloaded with Filezilla

  • Dear Pycom community,

    my WiPy creates daily time slices of data. The names of the files look like that:


    I've tested it and it worked for multiple months. One day, it created a really weird filename though.

    The filename looks like that:

    Feb 29 05:54 20220305_name_ID.txt

    I have no clue, why this happened at all. This also happened to my other device on the same day. It also created this weird filename there. The filenames after that specific day looked normal again for both devices.

    It is not possible for me to download files with filenames like that with Filezilla. I guessed I could just rename the file with Filezilla, but it didn't work. I was not able to rename the files on the internal FTP server of the WiPy. I think that would be mostlikely the easiest solution for solving my problem, because this problem seems to be an outlier, because everything works fine otherwise.

    I receive the Code 550 immediately after trying to download the file so a download doesn't start at all.

    Does anybody have an idea, how I can rename files on an internal FTP server given by Pycom devices?

    Kind regards,


  • @jcaron thank you for the suggestion. The WiPy receives every few seconds data and parses it and saves it on a SD Card. I access this SD Card through the internal FTP server. So I mostlikely would have to interrupt its operation using your suggestion I guess.

    I would like to change the filename live without interrupting the script, which is running on the WiPy.

    In the end, this issue is bearable (outlier), but it is bugging me and I find it quite odd, that this happened in the first place....

    Kind regards,


  • @SciWax or you could use uos.rename from REPL or from a script.

  • @robert-hh Thank you! I will try it out.

  • @SciWax I suggested to try the command line ftp version instead of Filezilla, either with Windows or with Linux.

  • @robert-hh

    thank you for the advise! I will try it out. I actually use windows, but I guess I can use your suggestion installing Filezilla on a linux system?

    Or are you referring directly using the linux terminal omitting Filezilla completely? I guess the latter.

    Kind regards,


  • @SciWax You could try command line ftp, unless you use Windows.

    ftp -p ip-address

    The Windows command line ftp does not support passive mode, and the Pycom ftp server only supports passive mode. In active mode you can still run commands like rm, rename, cwd or pwf, but no dir or file tran6.

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