Pymakr 2 for Visual Studio Code

  • Introducing Pymakr 2 for VSCode

    Our new Pymakr 2 Plugin was released (on Friday the 13th πŸŽƒ) and is now available for download on VSCode marketplace. πŸŽ‰

    Some of you may know that in February we began work on a new version of Pymakr. A month later we released a preview in the VSCode Marketplace and now it’s finally available.

    The new plugin has been written from scratch and we expect much faster bug fixes and implementation of new features. Partially thanks to the introduction of tests, type safety, async/await syntax etc.

    For the plugin to be the best experience it can be, please let us know if you face any issues.

    We hope you'll enjoy this new plugin as much as we do. ❀️

    Getting Started

    For getting started with Pymakr 2 we wrote a small intro here.

    What's new in Pymakr 2

    New design

    Pymakr has gotten its own extension tab. Here projects and devices can be accessed.

    Reorganizing views

    The new Pymakr views can be dragged and dropped into existing view groups.

    Multiple connected devices

    Multiple devices can now be connected at the same time.

    Shared terminals for the same device (experimental)

    If multiple terminals are open for the same device, the last terminal to receive input will receive the device output. This is useful when handling large amounts of output.


    Project management is finally here and among the highlights are:

    • Multiple workspaces support
    • Multiple projects in one workspace
    • Auto detection of projects
    • Multiple devices per project

    Device File explorer

    Mount your device inside VSCode and access it like a USB storage device. You can even save files directly to the device.

    Realtime updates

    It is now possible to see if a script is currently running on your device.

    Codebase (for contributors)

    Pymakr 2 was written completely from scratch and the codebase is now fully typed JS.

    For contributions, please have a look here.

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