what about PyMesh firmware update?

  • Hello to everyone, I have been working on this one for some days already.
    Gettting OTAA registered my Fipy on loraWAN is without any problem. When it comes to loramesh, I do not succeed in PyBytes to deploy pymesh. Constantly timing out while te device is connected though with the latest wifi firmware 1.20.2.r6.

    Anyone has already succeeded in flashing the pymesh firmware apart from the lady who presented PyMesh in her YouTube explanation? As the PyMesh firmware is based on OpenThread I would like to have it deployed on PyBoards too, as I did with my STM boards lately with no issues (and more smoothly to be honest).
    Thanks for replying.

  • hi Pycom - I have a large project depending on this working - we want to do species call identification using AI in the field - but first of all the mesh needs to work. I am super frustrated as I have been asking about this now for 2 months and there has been no solution or even communication with you to assist me get this working. I have posted details in the support ticket showing that the mesh license is not installed when the device is being setup. Please can you give us some support to make this work very soon. thanks, Garth

  • @ahmadelmasri Very pleased to hear that you worked on the firmware deployment for the pymesh architecture.
    The actual OTA firmware for my FiPy is the up-to-date one: 1.20.2.r6. At the moment I can not tell you what version of the firware desktop application on my Windows laptop is. We are currently staying abroad and the laptop on which the software is installed, is left home...
    Nevertheless, once I will be back at the office in September, I will try to do the firmware upgrade again in order to have my device installed with the pymesh firmware.
    Hopefully it will work this time because we have an interesting IoT project coming at out smart city of Leuven/Belgium. It requires a mesh networking with nodes working on longer distances then 802.15.4 radio modules.

    Have a nice day and I will report it you if I a were able to provision the device actually registered on a TTNv3 application.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi @wim-debbaut ,

    Thank you for reporting this and sorry for the late reply.

    What version of the update tools you are using? which OS?

    Have a nice day.

    Best Regards,
    Ahmad EL Masri

  • Hi @Pierre-Gaufillet ,

    What I can confirm is that we have fixed the issue of initializing the firmware deployment for pymesh. with mean if you check t device you will find the pymesh config and if you check the logs you will see the process of installing the pymesh firmware starts.

    You may find an issue with the installation of the firmware itself. Maybe if you help with providing additional logs will help debug the problem.

    You can always share your logs and details over email for privacy. (pybytes@pycom.io)

    Best Regards,
    Ahmad EL Masri

  • Hi @ahmadelmasri,

    any piece of news regarding this blocking issue?

  • Hello @ahmadelmasri,

    any piece of news? My development work is stopped for weeks now due to this issue, and the tests done today are still negative: impossible to deploy PyMesh on LoPy4 through pybytes. And there is no workaround if I understand correctly.

    P.S. I am using LoPy4 for 3 years now, and I feel tired of these frequent firmware corruptions, complex provisioning procedures, broken tools and other issues: impossible to install pymakr on macOS atom for months, impossible to provision pymesh for weeks, outdated/inconsistent documentation, unclear layers of APIs, etc.

    It looks Pycom is facing recurrent problems of software quality, and it doesn't look it is improving.

  • Hi @Garth-Paine,

    Sorry for the long time that we took to fix this issue.

    We are testing on staging and will do our best to deploy a working version today to the production.

    Have a nice day

    Best Regards,
    Ahmad EL Masri

  • @ahmadelmasri any news on making the Pymesh install work properly? I really want to get this working

  • @ahmadelmasri I am also having the same problem. I tried several times today to deploy a mesh without success even though the Node‘s are online

  • Goog morning to whomever might help.
    It looks like even the PyBytes online firmware does not function neither. Offline updating with the Pycom firmware updater is not a problem to have the 1.20.2.r6 firmware updared to the FiPy board. But once downloading it in order to provision the device, it took for ages:
    So I guess it is the same online firmware process problem occuring for the PyMesh firmware.
    Is there any offline pymesh firmware available besides the one on PyBytes?

    Thanks for sorting this one out.

  • Thanks Ahmed for having a look.
    The problem still remains after trying out the update again:
    update_timed_out.PNG pymesh_updating_continuously.PNG device_online.PNG

  • @wim-debbaut I get exactly the same problem

  • Hi @wim-debbaut ,

    Thank you for reporting that, we will take a look and get back to you.

    Have a nice day.

    Best Regards,
    Ahmad El Masri

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