VSCode pymakr upload fails?

  • I am really struggling to get reliable use of the pymakr extension for VSCode. I am only extremely occasionally able to upload a project. My project has roughly 50 python files and is 200-300KB.

    Attached are some screen grabs. I also have a PicoScope on the TX line (PC perspective, so "P0" on the Fipy) on the right hand side.

    Please see attached me interacting with the device via a terminal and no response from the upload button: I can't insert the URL as it is flagged as spam and I can't attach it because it is too small!

    And then after some vigerous resetting and restarting VSCode it starts uploading (seen on the picoscope) and then just stops.


    I'm on VSCode version 1.67.2 and Pymakr version v2.12.3 and Pycom MicroPython 1.20.3.b4 [v1.11-95ab8f63] on 2021-09-10; FiPy with ESP32

    This is incredibly frustrating! Can you help resolve this and / or provide a simple CLI tool for uploading a project folder?! The extension is / has been very unreliable.

    I am using the Fipy wired up as shown here: https://development.pycom.io/gettingstarted/programming/usbserial/ (No expansion board).

  • I did a test with a ~550kb project consisting of 75 files using Pymakr - Preview. I was unable to reproduce any issues, but will do some further testing tomorrow. There could be room for performance improvements for existing files.

  • Hi @Manu-Lange, thanks for reporting this.

    The quiet upload has been fixed and is available in the next patch. You can try it in the Pymakr preview.

    I have never seen a device stop mid-upload. If you're able to share the sources files, I'll be happy to see if I can replicate the issue.

    In settings->pymakr->debug->log level you can increase the level of logging, though in the event of a failed upload, I don't think it's a matter of log verbosity.

    I've given your issue high priority, so we can get it solved ASAP. For now I'll try create a randomized project in the ~ 50 files / 300 kb range. If you have any information that you think might expedite the solution, please let me know.

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