Basic setup for a simple IoT project

  • Hi!
    I'm taking a 4-week summer course in IoT and the goal is to create a simple IoT project and my idea is to use a soil moisture sensor with my lopy4. Due to the fact that I'm a total beginner with no prior experience I struggle to wrap my head around the basic setup. I have tried to follow the image below and I would really appreciate any inputs you guys might have before I start it up and accidentally fry it :) fA3nlPT.png
    My setup:

    I am also looking for the code needed for reading the sensor, any tutorials / github links? :)

    Thank you!

  • @livius Thank you for response! Much appreciated :)

  • @Therese-Grass
    if you use safe voltage (3.3V) it will be no problems.
    alt text
    So if you have choosed third pin from the top right as a power + source and second pin (as GND) it is ok.
    Look only at pins of your sensors to not mix polarisation.

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