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    Does a category for Pygo need to be created somewhere on the forum?

    I have received my kickstarter unit and already having a few issues- struggling to update firmware OTA using the pylife app.

  • So, finally made my own cradle to charge my pair of Pygo1. Is a lasercut box,, 6 pogo test pins and a USB/uart adaptor. I was able to reflash them and after attempting to charge them using the wireless charger have resorted to using the makeshift cradle.
    The Pylife app can see the devices but neither has more than 3% battery being reported. I can't set the LoRa frequency in the app.

    Giving these time to charge in the makeshift cradle then see how to proceed.


  • @Pete-Allen-0 thanks for this. Im using the ios app, can we expect an update for that version to help with some of these issues?

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    @thinginnovations Knowing when the PyGo has discharged is not easy at the moment - it's something that needs to display on the screen but doesn't currently.
    They do not have to be fully charged-in fact it makes troubleshooting a little easier if they are not. Hopefully the latest app will have solved your firmware upgrade issues, but if not please let me know.

    Some new documentation should be going live shortly that has some more technical information.

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    We have now created a PyGo area on the forum. There is a Pylife one as well, and we are intending to use Pylife for normal PyGo / Pylife usage, and PyGo for development.

    A new Android app went live last night, so please update on the play store and have another go. Hopefully that will solve many of these issues.

    The temperature issue is fixed in the firmware update, so it's important to focus on that. There is a thermal fuse, but we have reduced the wireless charging current in the new firmware to cool things down.

    As a generaly note I would recommend not fully charging your PyGo until you have managed to do the firmware update - if the GPS bug hits it is quicker to sort with a nearly empty battery.

    If you are still having issues please let me know and we will try to get you up and running.

  • How do we know when the PyGo has discharged?
    I initially went through the the firmware update, for a few seconds the screen showed the battery symbol and charge indicator blocks but as soon as it was starting the firmware update process the screen went blank and the PyGo is now unresponsive. I have 2 that are now like this.

    Do they have to be fully charged before attempting the firmware upgrade? The instructions were not clear, it was more of a 'put it on the charger and do firmware update before you do anything else' rather than 'fully charge the devices before attempting the firmware update'.

    Also, the documentation only covers the PyLife app and not the PyGo devices themselves. For example, its features, use, connector pinout, programming etc. The only specs I can see are on the webshop, the connector pinouts are on a photo of the charging cradle.



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    I've been testing in my den, which has absolutely no GPS signal...

  • @bomtarnes same problem for me. I think I’m having the problem below. Letting it discharge and power off doesn’t seem to help. Maybe someway to block GPS signal which triggers it?

    Troubleshooting section:

    “We have discovered a bug in the firmware the PyGo’s are shipped with where in unusual circumstances involving the GPS the PyGo can enter a locked state where it does not respond to external input. The immediate firmware update resolves this issue, but if you do encounter it leave the PyGo off the charger until the battery is discharged and when you restart do a firmware update.”

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    The pylife app is stuck on "Checking for update".

    Additionally. Charging the unit, it gets exceptionally hot...

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