Getting started with PyGos and Pylife

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    Welcome to the PyGo section of the forum. This is a space for discussion and help about development for PyGos.
    If you are looking for help with using PyGos with PyLife please look on the PyLife section of the forum.

    The first place to go to get started with PyGos is our documentation. This is being updated regularly, so worth keeping an eye on:

    This should cover everything to get you up and running, and please say if there are things that aren't clear.

    For those of you who like to plug things in and try them out before reading and documentation: it is important to do a firmware upgrade as soon as you turn the PyGo on.

    If you are on Android, we are waiting for Google to approve the latest version of PyLife which improves the firmware upgrade process. The firmware upgrade should work with the existing version, but if it fails the restart upgrade may not succeed. The approval is taking rather a long time, so in the meantime we do have two alternatives.

    1. You can connect over USB and perform an update on PC. This is for advanced users but allows maximum flexibility.
      This is documented here:
    2. As a temporary measure, you can install the updated Android app from our servers. This is easier, but not recommended as you lose the Play Store's security and automatic updates, but if you are happy doing this it gives a path to updating your PyGo. I will update these instructions shortly with the link to do this.

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