Pymakr VScode terminal is not display anything

  • Hello, I have an issue connecting lopy4 using vscode. This issue happened after I upgraded to vscode 1.68.1, pymakr 2.13 and revert back to vscode 1.65.2, pymakr 1.1.18

    and here is my current specification:

    Version: 1.65.2 (system setup)
    Commit: c722ca6c7eed3d7987c0d5c3df5c45f6b15e77d1
    Date: 2022-03-10T14:33:55.248Z
    Electron: 13.5.2
    Chromium: 91.0.4472.164
    Node.js: 14.16.0
    OS: Windows_NT x64 6.2.9200

    8ee899e2-b875-4116-a972-384731b0072b-error vscode pymakr.PNG

    but, If I am doing this on another laptop, the terminal can display wait for lopy connection

    and if I connect my Lopy4, the terminal can display serial messages.

  • @Jakob-Rosenberg-0 Hello Jakob, Thanks for reply. I'm using firmware 1.20.2r4. I've tried to upgrade to Pymakr v2.22.2 and it's fixed the issue. the terminal can detect my Lopy4. 5cd2e9e5-59e9-4a48-8204-376f25d34b38-image.png

    and now I'm still adapting to new UI in v2.22.2, looks different than previous version.
    thank you

  • Hi Gusti. Apologies for the late reply.

    Can I ask what firmware you're currently using and if you're able to upgrade to Pymakr v2.22.2?

  • @Jakob-Rosenberg-0 need help for fix this issue

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