Send an HEX array to a sensor and get an HEX response

  • Hello, im working on a project.
    I have a esp32 connected to a rs485 and the Modbus connected to a sensor, the main objective is to send an hex array and receive another array via uart with the response. right know I think I can send but get no response.
    if I print my uart.write e get FF 03 00 09 00 41 D6 but when I get my response I get <none>
    this is my code, thx for helping:

    import machine
    import time
    from machine import Pin
    rts = machine.Pin(22, machine.Pin.OUT)
    uart = machine.UART(2, 9600)
    while True:
        cmd = b'\xff\x03\x00\t\x00\x01\x41\xd6'
        hex = ' '.join(["%02X" % x for x in cmd])
        data =
        print (data)

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