what does someone have to do to get a question answered on here

  • I have wasted three weeks trying to figure out how to get my boards working and all I have gotten is frustration with the docs, nothing works consistently and I am getting frustrated. I gather from what I have read that the M1 Mac is not working with pybytes very well. Does that mean I am just SOL until new drivers are created?

  • @Miguel-Moreno I appreciate your response and it's funny but I have reached the same conclusion regarding pygates. One troubling issue is that unless I misread some posts you cannot flash micropython firmware onto these boards? What method are you using to get your boards into service?

  • Hello @Daniel-Bell .

    This forum is mostly user driven. Many of us will reply as soon as our time schedule allows us to spend some time writing down suggestions on how to resolve your issues based on our own knowledge, which sometimes comes from the official documentation, sometimes from tech support, and most of the times from our own empiric experience.

    It seems that your issue would rather be addressed and answered by tech support. I agree that it is not very obvious to find out how to get technical support given the layout of Pycom's website new redesign, but here is the Pycom Tech Support E-mail.

    I hope this helps.

    PS: Many (a lot) of us opt to not use the "Pybytes" management platform, so we can't even dare to suggest possible solutions to you.

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