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  • I have what is likely a simple question that I can't seem to find an answer to in the docs. I have a Pytracker with a Wipy3. I would like to have a signal sent from the board with the battery voltage and the location of the device. Would I create a single project with a file with each of the signals listed in the file, one after the other, or would I create two separate projects on the same board, one for each signal? I was going to try with a single project and then import the code from separate files but I'm bot sure.

  • @Daniel-Bell
    Hi, everything what is working for you is good ;-)
    But all depend on what do you name a project? Are you talking about Pymakr project?
    Normally you should have and to simpler maitaining code, other files supporting different tasks.
    But this is not required. If the project is small, you can all include in the one big file.
    So you decide. As python support classes i use self classes in separate files to take care about one separate task.

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