memory impact of import statement in each class as opposed to pass a class instance

  • Hello Everyone,

    I really hope I can explain my question, so please bear with me.
    I have a couple of classes that control various aspects of a diorama such as Lights, Doors a PIR receiver and an OLED display. Each class needs some configuration parameters so I created a file with a setup class in it that holds all static configuration. Now I am wondering, memory wise is it better to initiate one setup class in main and pass it as a class instance to all other classes (such as the named door or lights class)? Or would it be better to simply do a import of the file in each other class? Given that most of the parameters are of a static nature it feels more correct to have these parameters as class variables instead of instance variables which they obviously are when I pass the setup class on instantiation.
    Anyone can give me a hint here? Best practise, memory impact?

    Thanks in advance,

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