Goodbye PyGo

  • Goodbyes aren’t easy, but we’re right here with you! Pycom B.V. has taken the decision to bid the Helium Hotspot Miner and PyGo adieu, making room for innovative and groundbreaking products that will be available for all of you.

    But fret not! For anyone interested in continuing this project, we have material and IP available for sale.

    Please contact for more details.

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  • @hjoe Hardly. If you purchased through the kickstarter campaign, then there is anyhow no guarantee for a value. If you purchased from Pycom Inc, then this company went bankrupt, and the time slot for register claims ended a while ago. The new owner of Pycom BV is hardly interested to refund any claims against the previous Pycom.
    Anhow I think the brand name Pycom lost its reputation.

  • Pybytes Beta

    Hi @robert-hh do you see a chance to get a refund?

  • @hjoe It's a shame that Pycom does not publish the documentation about and the firmware & tools of the PyGo. Then the community could create useful applications for it. And I have doubts, that the can sell this to someone. Technically, the value should be low. The only value could lie in intellectual property, which could be of use in IP disputes.
    The bad design decision seems for me, that the device have no hard fall-back mechanism to recover using the ESP32 bootloader, without cracking the enclosure.

  • Pybytes Beta

    @dbrosy I have 4 of this ueseless devices. Whose situation is better*

  • @robert-hh thanks for the heads up. The idea was brilliant but shame they couldn’t get it working.

  • @Aisham-Zaha-0 Not that I am surprised, but that means that all until-now existing products are stopped, and Pycom hopes to get the new products to production. On paper, these F01, S3 and H7 parts look good. But they are nothing but an announcement. Let's get the fingers crossed that it will not be the endless trail of fails we have seen with PyGo and Helium.
    About the offering of material and IP for sale for PyGo and Helium: I do not envision that anyone could be interested. There is no business behind it. So the best Pycom could do to get some trust into Pycom back from the community of existing and potential customers is to publish the design information and firmware and eventually offer remaining stock of parts, e.g. for service.

  • @dbrosy Better get a refund., if possible. The P,yGo devices serve only as paperweight. They are practically non-functional.

  • @Aisham-Zaha-0 i have 3 Pygo1 that I ordered but never received. Do I still get what I ordered?

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