How to set buffer size for a LoRa socket using LoPy4

  • Hello! I am currently having trouble setting a specific buffer size for the socket that my LoRa node is receiving data on. The buffer is simply too small which leads to packet loss.

    If I have understood correctly, the socket.recv() method only prescribes the amount of bytes that you want to extract from the socket buffer. And I've already looked into the "SO_RCVBUF"-option for the setsockopt() method, but it doesn't seem like this option is included for the configuration I am currently using.

    To specify: I am interested in a way to specify the buffer size of the socket itself, not the amount of bytes I am extracting from the buffer.

    My current configuration is as follows:
    Pycom MicroPython 1.20.2.r6 [v1.11-c5a0a97] on 2021-10-28; LoPy4 with ESP32

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